Librairie Traces

Project introduction

  • Team of 3
  • 6 weeks
  • E-commerce website
Our task was to complete the responsive e-commerce platform of a fictive library. Fully fledge website, it included a landing page, full catalogue, detailed page for each article, cart page and add-to-cart functionality, as well as a three step payment section.

My roles

Conception, Programming and intergration of pages "Item details" and "Cart"


MVC structure, PHP(v7.2.9), Blade(v3.31), TypeScript(v2.7.1), Object Oriented Programming, Scss(v4.12.0), Gulp(v4.0.2)

Full code available on GitHub


  • Programming the dynamic fields of information as well as all responsive styles for the "Item details" page
  • Dynamique changes and styles of the fil d'Ariane for every second and third level page
  • Managing the add-to-cart functionalities (popup window, added visual guide in header, as well as all styles)
  • Dynamically show all details in the cart page, as well as all styles
  • Change cart informations dynamically without refreshing the page (ajax): the subtotal price adjusts itself depending on the number of books chosen, as well as the options selected for shipping.
  • Client side validation (with TypeScript) of the different form fields for the transaction.

Video capture

Screens - Item and Cart pages