Cours Koï, cours!

Project introduction

  • Individual
  • 6 weeks
  • Online flash-style game

I had to create a small thrid person shooter browser game, while being responsible of all creative steps : from game design to complete programming.

This was my first experience with object oriented programming, and was also when I got to familiarize myself with TypeScript writing norms, as well as modular code.

My roles

Conception and programming


Object oriented programming, CreateJS, TypeScript, Adobe Animate, Adobe Illustrator

Full code available on GitHub


  • Ideation, synopsis and game design to establish guiding lines for the game.
  • Creation of all necessary graphic elements : adaptation of the protagonist (Koï the fish), ennemies, obstacles, decor elements, etc. All game panels and UI éléments where also created from scratch.
  • All the animations of the different in-game characters. Use of both image-by-image animation and movement interpolation, with Adobe Animate.
  • All the code behind the game was done in object oriented programming with TypeScript and CreateJS. Sounds and visual effects were also added.


Éléments graphiques

Instruction and transition panels